iOS is Winning

Great write up of platform viability based on ecosystem and not market share numbers alone.

A "Cheaper" iPhone

This article is a little out there, stating that a cheaper iPhone would the end of Tim Cook at Apple. And while I tend to agree with most of what he says, it seems he's not looking at it from right direction.

I believe that Apple can make a phone for the "emerging" markets without trailing too far off of their modus operandi.

An Apple branded TV set

A reasonable assessment of the obstacles of bringing an Apple TV to market and what it may actually be or do that sets it apart from others.Pretty much tries to describe why Apple may want to enter the market and what it may take to get it there.

Here's my take on how Apple will bring the television into the future.

Cheap is cheap!

Great article on the merits of selling products to people looking for a bargain and hoping those people will use that product to spend more money buying stuff later.

Only if you take Florida with you!

So 0.25% of Texans have signed a petition for secession and this requires the attention of the White House? Can't we just exile those people to Mexico? Or being more civil, the government pays for them to move elsewhere in the world?

Macs are over-priced!

Here's one example of why Apple can command a premium price for their products. Are they the only company willing to invest in seeking out new manufacturing processes for their products?

Interesting angle for Jobs Biopic

Andy Sorkin has revealed the Steve Jobs film will not have a traditional cradle-to-grave biography storyline. Instead the movie will concentrate on three 30 minute slices of Jobs' life. Each of which will be presented as "real-time" segments of him preparing to introduce key products; the original Macintosh, the NeXT Cube Workstation, and the iPod.

Website reshuffle

I've decided to make a few changes to the site, hopefully to better organize it - we'll see!