Website redesign and rebuild

Currently thinking about reworking the site and removing all the PHP dependencies. Also, may change the design.

I recently moved the site off my iMac (ala VMware) to an actual PC! *GASP* I know, I know. I was getting tired of buying new versions of VMware everytime I upgraded the OS on my Mac. The damned software would cause my Mac to freeze every once in a while - was a pain. Not to mention, when the Mac went down, so did the site. (Not that it's been kept up much in the passed 4 years.). Anyway, cheap PC running OpenBSD works for me!

Hopefully, I can muster up enough ambition to get this thing going again - there's alot I'd like to add. Well, a few things anyway.

And I have to change this font!!! Maybe I'm getting old, but it so freaken hard to read - what was I thinking?